The Benefits of Bonding Behaviors

Men bring the toxic masculine mating behaviors from their dopamine addiction to pornography and semen release into their relationships. Mating behavior and bonding behaviors have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years in our mammalian brain. Mating behavior has the sole goal of climactic-driven, unbridled sex in order to spread maximum genetic diversity through novel mate selection. This is insidious, poisonous and ultimately destructive to long-term, connective relationships and marriages.

Bonding behaviors, which have been practiced for millennia in Tao, Tantra, and Karezza, use gentle, connective, oxytocin-laden behaviors which satisfy this intense mating drive, but build long-term, connective relationships and marriages which can last a lifetime. Bonding behaviors include deep communication and listening, eye gazing, meaningful touch, sensual play, slow-building foreplay, caressing, embracing, holding, and ultimately refraining from semen release at all costs. I have found that Kegel exercises can be used to avoid Semen Release.

Bonding behaviors in our relationship, through Tao, Tantra, and Karezza, build healthy and powerful sexual, physical and relational health. Semen retention resolves Energetic/ Physical ED, refraining from pornography resolves both Porn-Induced ED and well as Energetic/ Physical ED, and practicing bonding behaviors builds strong, long-lasting, intimate and connective relationships and marriages.

The benefits of Semen Retention for men are enormous and extremely consequential. Paradoxically, Semen Retention increases potency, performance, sensitivity and embodiment during love-making. It also dramatically prolongs performance for men from the average of 3-5 minutes to 30, 40, 50 minutes or longer, and places men in alignment with the slower-building, longer cycles of women. But most importantly, Semen Retention avoids the distancing, mood imbalance and fatigue which takes place the moment Semen is released, harboring in a dopamine crash and intense refractory period where the body must focus completely on replacing the vital sperm with all the most precious growth factors, nutrients and hormones from the body. Semen is liquid gold, which has the power of alchemy to transform our relationships, our sexual experience, our physical health, and our lives.

Brooke Hazen

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