11 Proven Ways to Radically Transform Your Sexual Performance and Heal ED Naturally

Are you suffering from ED? The cure for ED is here right now.

11 proven ways to radically transform your sexual performance and heal Erectile Dysfunction naturally without side effects

Quit masturbating to pornography

By avoiding all pornographic and similar virtual imagery, you allow your dopamine levels and receptors to return to healthy levels. Science shows that the dopamine levels and receptors of regular porn users are depleted to the same chronically low levels experienced by Cocaine and Morphine addicts.

Dopamine is absolutely essential to get aroused, gain an erection, and maintain an erection. Dopamine is our drive, determination, motivation, and will to become the ideal being we are truly meant to be. Regular pornography usage will inevitably lead to Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED), the fastest-growing form of ED today, and a predominant one. This is a neurologically-based form of ED, an arousal displacement dysfunction, and a major dopamine addiction. The solution for PIED is simple, easy, and free; Quit using pornography.

Practice Semen Retention

By avoiding semen release and practicing semen retention, you allow your Chi Sexual energy to return to healthy levels. Chi energy is both your sexual and physical life force. This energy becomes exhausted from releasing semen regularly. Semen retention allows you to circulate powerful and vital growth factors, nutrients, and hormones within your brain and body during love-making. Paradoxically, the practice of semen retention dramatically increases sexual satisfaction, sensitivity, potency, performance, and prolongment, and avoids dopamine crashes.

Essentially, semen retention is a powerful solution for ED, as well as an invaluable practice for maximizing your sexual prowess and success in all areas of your life, including your relationships.

IV Therapy

IV (Intravenous) Therapy applies chelators, antioxidants, nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, peptides, building blocks and adaptogenic support for rebalancing our body’s inherent intellignce and power from within. IV Therapy truly is the wave of the future, and the fastest-growing sector of Natural Medicine. IV Therapy is very effective at treating auto-immune, neuro-degenerative, and cardiovascular diseases, as well as cancer, chronic fatigue, mold, lymes disease, etc.

IV Therapy can break up and eliminate arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is the same diagnosis as blood flow restrictive ED. The true source of arteriosclerosis and blood flow restrictive ED are free radicals, which ravage the endothelial layer of our blood vessels. Our endothelial layer is responsible for producing healthy levels of nitric oxide needed for regulating blood flow, arousal, as well as gaining and maintaining an erection.

When we eliminate the source of free radicals, we eliminate the very source of arteriosclerosis and blood flow restrictive ED. The four sources of free radicals we must eliminate are heavy metals, an animal-based diet, environmental pollutants, and smoking. That’s it! Those are the sources, and the lifestyle choices that we must be vigilant on.

As the second part of the two-pronged approach to resolving blood flow restrictive ED, we can use IV Therapy to eliminate existing arteriosclerosis in all of our 60,000 miles of blood vessels. This is done simply and easily by using Calcium EDTA IV to get rid of the heavy metal and calcification portion of arteriosclerosis. Plaquex IV, or Phosphotidylcholine, which is soybean-derived, gets rid of the plaque portion of ED.

Other IVs can be utilized, such as Glutathione, Poly MVA, NAD, Myers Cocktail with Tri-Aminos, and a full range of amino acids to eliminate free radicals and inflammation in our blood vessels, as well as support healthy nitric oxide function naturally and intelligently from within the power of our own healthy body.

Balance hormones through BPTRT

Bioidentical Pellet Testosterone Replacement Therapy (BPTRT) is used as a monotherapy for mild Erectile Dysfunction. It does this by increasing energy in our physical body, which in turn, increases our sexual energy and performance. Healthy levels of testosterone are necessary for optimal sexual performance.

This form of TRT is the only one I recommend, and greatly benefits both men and women. Women naturally create ALL of their estrogen from testosterone. The latest science shows that BPTRT for women can reduce the chances of breast cancer, reduce existing breast cancer tumors, and reduce all menopausal symptoms.

BPTRT mimics as closely as possible the natural hormone cycles within our body, hence the name Bioidentical. BPTRT burns fat and builds lean muscle mass. It provides increased energy, which we can harness for our exercise and weight program. This positive cycle further burns fat and builds muscle for increased overall physical and sexual energy. Our physical and sexual health are inseparable. The healthier and stronger our physical body is, the healthier and stronger our sexual performance will be. The lingam is the protruding member of our cardiovascular, neurological, hormonal, and neurological systems, showing in full glory the current state of disease or dysfunction within those systems.

Donate blood regularly

Regularly donating blood is one of the healthiest actions you can take for yourself, in addition to helping those in desperate need of blood. Everyone should donate blood regularly! Even donating blood once a year decreases the chance of having a heart attack by 88%.

Regularly donating blood increases antioxidant capacity, which is essential for eliminating the free radicals that cause arteriosclerosis and blood flow restrictive ED.

Regularly donating blood reduces blood viscosity and pressure, as well as iron stores and oxidants, which are linked with cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, and cancer.

Regularly donating blood is incredibly regenerative and anti-aging. Over the course of one year, all new red and white blood cells, platelets, and plasma are regenerated. This creates new youthful cells. The latest science is showing that this creates new youthful cell messengers throughout our body.

Regularly donating blood should be synergistically-practiced along with BPTRT because it balances healthy red blood cell levels. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) should also be synergistically-practiced along with BPTRT because it maintains fertility and further increases testosterone levels. HCG, semen retention, and Kegel exercises may noticeably increase the size of your lingam and testicles.

Healthy plant based diet

An animal-based diet has been shown to decrease erectile function within hours. Regular animal-based diets create chronic erectile dysfunction from blood flow restriction and arteriosclerosis. An animal-based diet is high in free radicals, carcinogens, and saturated fats, which cause oxidative damage in the endothelial layer of our blood vessels. Our endothelial layer is responsible for creating healthy levels of nitric oxide naturally from within. Nitric Oxide is what creates an erection and holds it.

The science is clear that an intelligent, plant-based diet is the healthiest diet for erectile function because it protects us from free radicals with their natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral , and anti-cancer properties. A plant-based diet protects us from the 10 leading causes of death in the world.

I recommend a simple and easy plant-based diet. I call it a light-force diet, which consists of organic fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Avoid processed flours, which are converted to sugars, soft drinks, and sugar. Sugars damage our endothelial layer, and contribute to arteriosclerosis and obesity.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is an invaluable tool for burning surface fat, and the only way to burn visceral fat. Visceral fat is underneath the muscles, and wraps around the organs. It is an especially dangerous form of fat, the precursor to numerous diseases, including cardiovascular disease.


Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT) is used as a monotherapy for ED. This technology uses sound waves to break up plaque in the capillaries of the lingam, as well as the surrounding blood vessels of the pelvic region. The lingam is made up of fine capillaries, and are some of the smallest blood vessels in our body. This is one of the first areas of our body to show the results of plaque buildup from free radical damage.

Now we can resolve even the most severe cases of arteriosclerosis and blood flow restrictive ED from the inside out and outside in, using IV therapy, EPAT, and lifestyle changes that eliminate free radicals in our lives.


Kegels are an exercise regimen which strengthens the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the lingam. The three areas which are flexed in this exercise program are the anus, base of the lingam, and between the lingam. Kegel exercises are done twice per day. Please refer to the specific Kegel exercises for ED in my book.

Kegels have been effective as a monotherapy for ED. Kegels can also effectively be employed as a technique to block semen from being expelled during love-making.

Exercise, weight training

Our overall physical and sexual health are completely interlinked and inseparable. The higher we raise our physical fitness and blood flow, the stronger our sexual performance will be. This is why weight training and exercise are important foundations for our sexual health, and for resolving ED.

Regular exercise and weight training increase testosterone and blood flow levels, which are necessary for optimal erectile function.


I recommend antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic supplements in my book, which help us deactivate free radicals in our blood vessels. I do not recommend natural ED supplements which contain herbs, arginine and beets, because they follow the same model as pharmaceutical ED medications, boosting nitric oxide levels artificially beyond what our body is capable of producing intelligently from within, and making us dependent on an outside source. They also can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, which can be dangerous.

My list of supplements support our goal of empowering our own body to produce nitric oxide intelligently from within, whenever and wherever we need it, so that we are not dependent on such a mechanical process of medications every time we want to make love. This is an essential distinction which must be recognized. There is a major difference between constantly boosting nitric oxide artificially, and generating our own nitric oxide. Our goal is to heal our nitric oxide production system, which is generated by the endothelial layer of our blood vessels.

Making love is a wondrous, sacred act, and should build naturally from within. We should never have to depend on an outside source for our erections.


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