Sexercise: The Exercise Protocol For Optimal Sexual Performance

Sexercise: The Exercise Protocol For Optimal Sexual Performance

Exercise is a major component of my synergistic, holistic protocol for strong sexual performance. Most people assume that our sexual region, energy, and performance are isolated, and that taking a pill magically makes the lingam hard for men, and the yoni aroused for women. But that is not how our sexual health works.

The lingam and yoni can not be separated from all the parts of our body. A vast orchestra of neurological, hormonal, nervous, and cardiovascular systems must play harmoniously together for the magic of sex to take place. Sexual health is absolutely dependent on our overall physical health in order to function optimally.

Sexercise comes from this critical theory that the stronger our physical fitness and health, the stronger our sexual performance and health will be. When we experience increased physical energy through the healing modalities in my book, this in turn increases our sexual energy. Increased blood flow, lean muscle mass, dopamine levels and receptors, Chi sexual energy, as well as decreased surface and visceral fat, are all synergistically interlinked with a powerful sexual function.

1. Kegel exercises

I want you to build the pelvic floor (PC) muscles. A solid trail of strong muscles from the chest to the lingam is necessary for optimal sexual performance. A study showed that performing PC muscle exercises twice daily for three months, also known as Kegel exercises, significantly improved Erectile Dysfunction in men.

I highly recommend that you perform Kegels twice per day, in the morning and evening. Follow the specific Kegel instructions in the back of my book, which are based specifically on studies for improving erectile function. Kegel exercises, combined with semen retention, will noticeably improve the size of your lingam and PC muscles, as more Chi sexual energy and blood flow return to the sexual areas of your body. So let’s get those muscles in shape!

2. Sit-ups

I highly recommend that you create a new, consistent exercise and weight program, which I will give to you right now. If there is one exercise I had to pick as the most important of all, it would be sit-ups. Using a decline abdominal bench, start with two sets of twenty sit-ups on a slightly steep decline. Slowly build up over time to two sets of forty-five sit-ups on a steeper decline. You can continue adding more sit-ups and sets as your abdominal muscles strengthen.

Each time you progress with sit-ups, you will feel some discomfort. As your muscles grow stronger, you will no longer feel any discomfort. Remain steadfast in your determination, using your mind over your body. Over months, your goal is to burn fat and build muscle from your chest all the way to your lingam.

This process requires patience, determination, and consistency every day. It takes time to build layers of new muscles which have been deactivated for so long. Push yourself! Discomfort is a good sign, as long as you do not create an injury. Injury is avoided by slowly adding more sit-ups and decline, rather than attempting a large and unreasonable amount at once.

3. Weight resistance training

I highly recommend that you work out your legs and arms using weights, push-ups, and a Bowflex Max Trainer, every other day. Weight resistance training increases testosterone and decreases estrogen levels naturally. Weight resistance also creates a positive feedback loop for increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing surface and visceral fat.

Allowing a day to recover maximizes muscle growth. Deep restorative stretching is especially important in between days of weight resistance in order to maintain flexibility in the muscles, tendons, and fascia. Sit-ups should still be practiced daily. Include cardio workouts, such as walking or running. Infrared saunas have also been shown to increase circulatory health, raise nitric oxide levels, burn fat, and remove toxins.

4. Burn fat

We want to use the testosterone boost from the pellets to help us build lean muscle and burn fat. Please refer to my book for more details on Bioidentical Pellet Testosterone Replacement Therapy, both for men and women. Getting rid of fat is essential for excellent sexual health. Our Chi sexual energy and blood circulation require unobstructed flow from the chest to the lingam. Fat chokes the natural flow of energy and circulation along these pathways. We have visible blood vessels which flow from our chest to our lingam. Belly fat, which folds over these visible blood vessels, places kinks and strains on optimal blood flow to and from the lingam and the heart.

If your stubborn fat levels have built up over the years to the point at which it seems impossible to get rid of it, then consider getting smart liposculpture, to give yourself the jump start on a new beginning. Liposculpture is not just a cosmetic procedure. It is an important procedure and tool for getting rid of surface fat. With dramatically less surface fat, our body can more easily burn visceral fat, which is an especially dangerous form of fat for our health.

The only way to burn visceral fat is through exercise and intermittent fasting. Please refer to the enormous benefits of intermittent fasting in my book You Are Not Broken. A plant-based diet should be synergistically incorporated into intermittent fasting for optimal fat burning. Please refer to my other video on The Sex Diet.

5. Movement

Get out there and just move as often as you can. Follow your passions in life, which involve movement. This keeps our blood flowing, our muscles engaged, and our dopamine levels and receptors high. Live life to your fullest potential. This will naturally optimize your sexual potency and performance.

6. Willpower

Your mind and soul are the masters of your brain and body. Through unbending discipline and consistency over time, day after day, week after week, and month after month, your brain and body will bend to the will of your soul, its great master. Your brain and body will eventually learn that it is just not EVER going to get that addictive neural pathway met again.

At that moment, your brain and body will go from your adversary to your ally, stepping fully in line with your soul goal. I want you to have this level of resolve, so deep and determined, that you teach your brain and body what you want it to transform into. It better get on board, or there will be hell to pay!


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