The Sex Diet

The Sex Diet - Healthy Diet for Preventing ED

An animal-based diet is one of the major sources of free radicals. Free radicals are the true cause of blood-flow restrictive ED and arteriosclerosis. This is what western medicine and the pharmaceutical industries do not want you to know, because they lose billions of dollars when we actually identify and resolve the root source, heal, and empower ourselves.

An animal-based diet is high in free radicals, saturated fats, and carcinogens, which cause oxidative damage to our endothelial system. Our endothelial layer of our blood vessels are responsible for generating healthy levels of nitric oxide, which is needed to gain and maintain an erection in men, and arousal in women.

The science is clear that our ability to gain and maintain an erection and arousal is decreased within hours of eating an animal-based meal. Regularly eating an animal-based diet leads to blood-flow restrictive ED and arteriosclerosis long term. Blood-flow restrictive ED and arteriosclerosis are the same.

On the other hand, the science is also clear that a plant-based diet contains antioxidants, which protect us from free radical damage. A plant-based diet protects us from the fifteen leading causes of death in the world and can increase life expectancy by more than ten years! A plant-based meal increases our ability to gain and maintain an erection and arousal within hours of eating, as opposed to an animal-based meal. In the long-term, a plant-based diet protects us from blood flow-restrictive ED and arteriosclerosis.

I know that this may be disappointing news to the majority of us raised in western culture on an animal-based diet. But we need to let go of our fears, myths and misconceptions, addictions and negative habits, and the peer pressure from friends, family, culture, and especially corporations, if we truly want to have vibrant sexual and physical health.

The Healthy Choice

Our brains are incredibly plastic and our bodies resilient. Our neural pathways quickly switch over to a healthy plant-based diet. You will begin to crave nutrient-dense, plant-based foods, as your body receives the nutrients it is truly craving, along with increased blood flow. A plant-based diet has all the same protein levels and amino acid building blocks as an animal-based diet, but without the saturated fats, free radicals, and carcinogens.

I recommend an intelligent plant-based diet. We can eat pizza and drink soft drinks all the time, and still be plant-based. We can be plant-based and still be incredibly unhealthy. That is why I recommend what I call a light-force diet. The light force diet is simple and easy. It consists of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains, as well as superfoods. Essentially, our goal is to provide the nutrients our body is craving with deeply-nourishing foods, which the plant kingdom provides in great abundance.

We should entirely avoid, if at all possible, processed flours, highly-processed foods, sugar, and soft drinks. Sugars cause damage to our endothelial system. Fried foods should also be avoided because they form free radicals in the form of trans-fatty acids. Olive oil can safely be used for lightly frying.

Intermittent Fasting

I also recommend intermittent fasting. This is an invaluable tool for burning surface and visceral fat. In fact, it is the only way to burn visceral fat, which is an especially dangerous form of fat that wraps around the organs, and is underneath our muscles. Visceral fat is linked to cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, and cancers. After 18 hours of fasting, our body enters Autophagy. It is believed that many diseases increase in age due to decreased Autophagy.

I recommend breaking your fast with protein powder, heart green powder, adaptogens like Cordyceps and ashwagandha, as well as an excellent list of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and adaptogenic supplements which I recommend in my book You Are Not Broken by Brooke Hazen. The complete free audiobook is available on my YouTube channel with the same name, as well as my website


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