The Two Most Powerful Biohacks on the Planet

Biohacking is the latest breakthrough in natural health. Biohacking uses natural, holistic plants, superfoods, techniques, and modalities to regain our vibrancy, vitality, and youthful vigor, as well as reverse biological aging. There are two processes of aging: chronological and biological aging. For example, a 50-year-old may chronologically be 50 years of age but biologically be the equivalent of 35 years of age, and vice versa.

When we talk about biohacking, we usually are talking about diet, superfoods, and natural physical techniques. But nobody talks about our neurology and energy. Our neurology, specifically dopamine, is absolutely essential for gaining and maintaining an erection for men, and arousal for both men and women.

The Power of Our Mind and Energy

Dopamine is our drive, determination, motivation, and will to become the ideal beings we are truly meant to be. Through regular porn use, dopamine levels and receptors are depleted to the same chronically low levels experienced by cocaine and morphine addicts.

Chi sexual energy is our life force that moves through us. It is both our sexual energy, as well as our overall physical energy. Physical and sexual health and energy are completely inseparable. Chi sexual energy, as well as dopamine levels and receptors, are depleted through regular semen release.

Our neurology and energy are truly the two most-powerful biohacks on the planet. They are more powerful than all the superfoods and ED medications combined. Rebuilding our dopamine levels and receptors, as well as our Chi sexual energy is simple, easy, and free. All that is required is just letting go.

By simply letting go of our addiction to pornography and semen release, we are unleashing the two most-powerful biohacks capable of regaining our vitality, vibrancy, and youthful vigor. Healthy neurology and energy is the foundation for launching into sexual, overall physical, relational, mental, and emotional potency. They are the keys to unlocking the unlimited potential of our mind, allowing us to do anything that we put our mind to.

The Fastest-Growing Forms of ED

Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED) is a neurological form of ED. It is really an arousal displacement dysfunction, where we are slowly desensitizing our arousal to our connective partner. This addiction inevitably escalates to the level where we can no longer get aroused to even our favorite pornography, at which point, we truly have lost all motivation and drive in all aspects of our lives. Our physical fitness, relationships, mental acuity, emotional balance, and sexual performance all deteriorate. We become a shell of who we are truly meant to be in sex, relationship, our careers, our passions, and life.

Energetic ED is always interlinked with PIED because semen release is always practiced with pornography. But energetic ED is its own distinct form of ED. Energetic ED comes from releasing our semen too often, either with pornography or our partner. This causes a drop in Chi sexual energy, as well as our overall physical energy. The result is sexual fatigue and energetic exhaustion.

Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction, as well as Energetic ED from regular porn use and semen release, are the fastest-growing forms of ED we see today, affecting millions of men. Women are also addicted to pornography, and experience Porn-Induced Arousal Dysfunction. Young men are the fastest-growing demographic in ED. It effects anyone with a brain, and anyone with neurology. Energetic ED from regular semen release adds another form of ED to PIED for men.

Simple, Easy, and Free Solutions

Western Medicine and the pharmaceutical industry never talk about these two fastest-growing and predominant forms of ED, because they do not profit from the simple, easy, and free solutions. They only have one sliver of recourse for all forms of ED, which is pharmaceutical ED drugs that target the cardiovascular function of our blood vessels. So they regularly misdiagnose and misprescribe blood-flow-inducing medications for neurological and energetic ED.

Western medicine and the pharmaceutical industry stand to lose billions of dollars and go out of business when we resolve these forms of ED. Not only are we empowered to resolve these major forms of ED simply, easily, and for free, we are the only power capable of resolving them. It is up to each one of us to go deep into our own heart and soul, dig deep, and resolve to let go once and for all of this addiction to pornography and semen release.

The two most-powerful biohacks on the planet are capable of creating massive transformation to our sexual, overall physical, relational, mental, and emotional health. The common link is our dopamine and Chi sexual energy levels. Our sexual behavioral choices hold the enormous power to create either massive dysfunction or massive positive transformation in all aspects of our lives. By simply honoring and respecting these powerful gifts, we can biohack and harness these enormous powers to become the ideal beings we are truly meant to be in life.


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