Demystifying ED

Hi I am Brooke Hazen. I was addicted to pornography for over a decade. I experienced Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction several years ago. My journey was terrifying, and I had no road map other than myself and God.

When Western Medicine and the Pharmaceutical Industry had failed me, it was God who led me on a journey of limitless growth, learning and massive transformation of not only my sexual health, but also my overall physical and relational health. And God showed me how it is all interlinked.

God is the ultimate holistic healer, and the power behind natural healing. I am non-denominational and pull from Eastern traditions. I have studied all the major religious texts and practice Eastern meditation practices.

I promised God I would write this book once my healing was complete. I did that with the spiritual influence of God, writing the primary body of 12 chapters in 12 days in Divine Channeling, and being open to inspiration from Spirit. God does want us to talk about Sex. God does want us to honor and respect the gifts of balanced neurology and Chi Sexual Energy we have been blessed with.

My book is one of the only books which provides holistic, curative and preventative healing modalities for the three kinds of Erectile Dysfunction we see today.

1. Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction, which is a neurologically-based form of erectile dysfunction, is the fastest growing form of ED, and it affects virgins, teens, and men and women of all ages.

2. Energetic ED has to do with releasing our semen too often as men, which leads to depleted Chi Sexual Energy. We simply can not perform well sexually because our sexual energy has become fatigued.

3. Organic physical ED from hormone imbalance and/ or cardiovascular issues. We tend to hyper focus on organic ED, but we must also resolve neurological and energetic ED.

I get to the root cause of what is actually causing ED on all three levels, and provide simple and easy long-term solutions for becoming the vibrant, vital and youthful beings we are truly meant to be sexually, physically, and relationally.

Blessings on your journey!

Brooke Hazen

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