What Does God Have to Do With Sexual Dysfunction?

sexual dysfunction expert

We separate God from the conversation on sexual dysfunction, thinking that God is somehow too great and powerful to be drawn into the topic. The truth is that God absolutely wants us to talk about sex. God cares for us deeply when it comes to healthy behaviors that are in alignment with light, love, positivity, and growth. God is here to guide us when we fall out of alignment and experience dysfunction.

Several years ago, when I experienced the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, it truly shook me to the core with fear, confusion, and humiliation. To make matters worse, western medicine and the pharmaceutical industry only added to the deep spirals of depression I was falling into for weeks at a time.

We All Need Someone to Lean On

I have always been very spiritual. But I leaned especially hard on God to help me through the most difficult time of my life. Sometimes we just need a higher power to lend us a helping hand to make it through such overwhelming times, when we are absolutely lost, and have no idea how to move ahead.

When the existing western medical approach failed me, I found myself at the end of the road, with no plan to regain a healthy, vibrant sexual function ever again. All I had was myself and my faith in God to guide me. I prayed to God for a healing miracle over and over with every fiber of my being and all the energy in my heart and soul. It was at this time that God decided I was finally ready, and led me on a journey of natural healing, growth, learning, and massive transformation, not only of my sexual health to levels I could have never imagined, but also my overall physical, relational, mental, and emotional health.

The miracle that God led me to was the website Your Brain On Porn by Gary Wilson, which forever changed my life. I understand so clearly and profoundly now why God led me to this website; God wants all of us to understand the enormous power that our sexual behavioral decisions and choices have to either create massive dysfunction, or massive positive transformation in ALL areas of our lives.

The Lighthouse Showing Us The Way Forward

The darkest night holds the potential to shine forth the brightest light. For myself, when I had seemingly lost all, it was God who shined the light that led me to the most unbelievable position I am in now. Several years ago, I was terrified I may never be able to have sex again. Today, I am in such deep awe. I am now possibly the only person on the planet who has simple and easy, holistic, curative and preventative solutions for all major forms of ED, including organic, blood flow-restrictive ED.

What does God have to do with sex you may wonder? How did I transform so massively in every aspect of my life you may wonder? I would not be here today as the author of the book You Are Not Broken. I would not have my own YouTube channel and dozens of podcasts. I would not be an expert in ED. I would not be a powerful leader in the awareness movement around Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction. I would not have my confidence, identity, and vibrant sexual function. I would not be here today without God.

God is a tremendous source of unlimited power and potential in our lives. God is a lighthouse, guide, and teacher, who we can call on whenever we need. This is why God has everything to do with sexual dysfunction.

This is an excerpt from my book —

“This miracle God has bestowed upon me has led me to writing this book. This book is for you, God, just as I promised you. Thank you so much, God, for saving me when I had lost everything. You have given me back my sexual health and my ideal life. You have transformed me into the person you truly want me to be. That is the true miracle.

That is the miracle I want all of you to receive also, by giving all of your heart and soul to prayer each night before bed. When you receive your miracle, do not ever stop praying. Continue to pray every night, even when all is well again. Continue to heal and transform into the being God always wanted you to be. That is how you repay God for all the blessings you have received.”


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