How to Avoid ED on the First Intimate Date

If you are living in fear of not performing well sexually on your first intimate date with a woman you are really attracted to and want to develop a relationship with, then you need to get the dozens of other women out of your life. You may think you are single, but you are not! You are releasing your semen to the images of dozens of other women through your addiction to pornography. And that is exactly why you are worried about having to avoid erectile dysfunction (ED) on your first intimate date. I’ll explain.

The Power of Our Neurology

While you may consciously be aware that pornography is just a fantasy, every time you release your semen to pornography, your brain believes THIS IS REAL!!! The brain believes it is waging a highly successful campaign of mating with a wide diversity of novel, sexy mates.

Our neurology, namely dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter and hormone, is absolutely critical for getting aroused, as well as gaining and maintaining an erection during love-making. Dopamine levels and receptors are balanced by refraining from pornography and similar virtual imagery. Optimal Chi Sexual energy levels are also critical for performing well sexually, which is optimized by semen retention.

The science clearly shows that dopamine levels and receptors for porn users are depleted to the same chronically-low levels as those experienced by Cocaine and Morphine addicts. In fact, the brain can not differentiate between physical addiction to a drug or alcohol, and a neurological addiction to the super-stimulus of pornography combined with semen release. Every time you release your semen to novel imagery, dopamine levels and receptors are cancelled out lower and lower. In order to get the same dopamine kick as before, you are forced to escalate to more novel and graphic content, oftentimes graduating to material which surpasses your own ethical boundaries.

The Power of Our Choices

Essentially, your arousal has been displaced from a woman you are wanting to date with the novel fantasy of pixels on a screen. In order to optimally prepare yourself for your first intimate date with a real sexy woman of your dreams, you need to re-sensitize your arousal to normal real women, and to rebuild your dopamine levels and receptors back to healthy levels. This will also increase your magnetism and confidence, as well as your sexual sensitivity, satisfaction, performance, potency, and prolongment during love-making.

Change the foundation of your sexual behavioral choices. Come armed on this first date with balanced dopamine levels and optimal Chi sexual energy. It may take some months. But do not worry. By simply letting go of your addiction to pornography and semen release, as well as learning how to practice semen retention and bonding behaviors, you will perform like the sexual and relational being you are truly meant to be.

Read You Are Not Broken: A Holistic Guide for Men and Women to Heal the Pathways of Sexual Dysfunction and Restore Relational Harmony Together written by Brooke Hazen.

Brooke developed a holistic, preventative, and curative protocol based on experiential evidence and scientific studies in order to help men and women like you who have suffered from sexual dysfunction, pornography addiction, and relational disharmony.

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