6 Ways to Get a Harder Erection Naturally

Ways to Get a Harder Erection Naturally

1. Semen Retention

The most powerful way to get a harder erection naturally is by practicing semen retention. You can still have, what we regularly refer to in Tantra as, full-body orgasms and ejaculation without semen release. You will actually experience increased sexual sensitivity, satisfaction, potency, hardness, performance, fuller embodiment, alignment, and prolongment with your sexual partner.

2. Refrain from Pornography

The second most powerful way to get a harder erection naturally is to refrain from pornography and other similar virtual imagery. This will rebalance your dopamine levels and receptors, a process which takes several months or even a year or two to return to optimal levels. Dopamine is absolutely essential to gaining and maintaining an erection for men.

3. Kegel Exercises

Practice Kegel exercises twice per day. These are exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles which surround your lingam, and has been proven to be very effective at getting harder erections naturally.

4. Testosterone

Check your testosterone levels or any symptoms of testosterone deficiency, such as fatigue, mood imbalance, low sex drive, reduced muscle and increased fat. Even young people today are seeing hormonal imbalance from micro plastics, pesticides, and diet. Bioidentical Pellet Testosterone Replacement Therapy is very effective at getting harder erections naturally.

5. Donate Blood

Donate blood regularly. Donating blood is anti-aging and regenerative. Just one donation decreases the chance of having a heart attack by 88%. Donating blood decreases blood viscosity and pressure, lowers iron and oxidant levels, and increases antioxidant capacity. Donating blood is the oil change your tool needs regularly to perform at optimal hardness.

6. Plant-Based Diet

Eat a plant-based diet, and ditch the animals. An animal-based diet has been shown to make for a soft lingam, both immediately and long term, eventually developing into organic cardiovascular ED and arteriosclerosis. Eating organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and avoiding processed flour, sugar, soft drinks, and all animal-based foods, as well as alcohol and smoking, will optimize your hardness potential.

You Are Not Broken: A Holistic Guide for Men and Women to Heal the Pathways of Sexual Dysfunction and Restore Relational Harmony Together was born of Brooke Hazen’s direct experience and inspired by a deep desire to share his very personal story and findings. Brooke developed a holistic, preventative, and curative protocol based on experiential evidence and scientific studies in order to help men and women like you who have suffered from sexual dysfunction, pornography addiction, and relational disharmony.

This book is the result of years of experiential research into the real reasons and true connections which cause, what we in Western culture refer to as, sexual dysfunction. Through many trials and errors, countless hours of exhaustive research, an open mind, and steely determination, Brooke was able to find a way for himself, and now for you, to become the sexual and relational beings we were born to be.

If living a sexually vibrant lifestyle, and feeling healthy and fit, without the burden of any side effects is your goal, resolve to make an absolute commitment to these teachings, practices, and healing modalities. There is no quick easy fix. A miracle pill will never exist to replace true healing.


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